Knowledge mobilization

Knowledge Mobilization on the Land: Rigolet On the Land Workshop, October 2022

This workshop was funded by Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) Climate Change Preparedness in the North (CCPN) program and offered great insights for Sustainable Nunatsiavut Futures around methods of knowledge mobilization, research communication, and effective models for community events. This workshop also provided an opportunity for the Inuit Research Coordinators to undergo training surrounding workshop planning and facilitation.

Videography & editing services provided by Eldred Allen at Bird's Eye Inc.

Imappivut Initiative

Take a look at what our team members Mary Denniston and Chaim Andersen have to say about the Imappivut Initiative

A plan to manage and protect Labrador Inuit interests in the coastal and marine areas of Labrador


Take a look at the footage below to embark on an adventure with our friend, Youtuber LadyTrapper (Nicole Lane) to see what a regular day on the ice looked like during our 2022/2023 on-ice field season

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