Sustainable Nunatsiavut Futures

Investigating resource management & ice safety in response to climate change
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Nunatsiavut "our beautiful land"
This research is centered in Nunatsiavut.
Where, who, and why?
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About the project
Finding sustainable and inclusive solutions to impacts on marine resource utilization, livelihoods, and food security.
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Who are we?
Led by and for Nunatsiavummiut (the people of Nunatsiavut), with the support of research scientists and stakeholders from oceanography and ecology backgrounds.
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Our work
From fieldwork, to lab work, to community outreach - see what we're up to in leading this research!
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Our Vision

The Sustainable Nunatsiavut Futures  project hopes to combine Inuit Knowledge and western science to support informed decisions and planning for the Zone of the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area, and ensure protection of Inuit interests into the future.
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Inuit Self-Determination
The right of Inuit to freely determine their political status and pursue economic, social, and cultural development.

Traditional Knowledge
Longstanding knowledge, practice, and belief, developed from experience gained over centuries and adapted to the local culture and environment, handed down through the generations.

Inuit Knowledge
Knowledge mobilized by Inuit that may include scientific knowledge and traditional knowledge.

Scientific Knowledge
Systematic enterprise that gathers and condenses knowledge into testable laws and principles.

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