Ocean Frontier Institute
Global leaders in ocean research
About the Institute
Global leaders in ocean research

The Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI), led by Dalhousie University, is a global leader in interdisciplinary ocean research.  

Established in September 2015, OFI unites researchers, industry, and government to solve complex ocean problems.


To be a global leader in transnational interdisciplinary ocean research, producing demonstrable and enduring social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Research areas

Achieving net zero
Understanding the ocean’s changing role in the climate system and delivering solutions for climate change mitigation.

Protecting biodiversity
Improving our understanding of life in the ocean and its crucial role in maintaining ecosystem balance.

Sustainable bioresources
Providing the knowledge needed for sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, and other bioresources.

Guiding principles

  • Impactful and relevant research
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Driving innovation
  • Investing in future generations of ocean frontier researchers
  • Influencing policy and decision makers

Governance / Institutional Partnerships

Ocean Frontier Institute Led by Dalhousie University
Safe and Sustainable Development of the Ocean Frontier
Transforming Climate Action
Nippon Foundation-Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean Centre of Excellence in Observational Oceanography
Ocean School
North Atlantic Carbon Observatory
Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition *
Institutional partners
Founding Partner
Advisory committees
Indigenous Engagement in Ocean Research
Excellence, Impact and Engagement
* Based administratively at OFI/Dal

Equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility

We are committed to advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility throughout our programming, with a focus on education and training, capacity building, and meaningful Indigenous engagement.

OFI draws on expertise and guidance from:

  • Partner institutions
  • Advisory Committee on Indigenous Engagement in Ocean Research
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility advisory group
  • Best practices from the Government of Canada and tri-agency resources, such as: