Ocean Graduate Excellence Network (OGEN)
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Ocean Graduate Excellence Network
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Expected to open fall 2024/winter 2025


Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR)

MEOPAR is a national Network of Centres of Excellence linking top marine researchers and highly qualified personnel across Canada with partner organizations and communities. MEOPAR funds leading-edge research, overcomes barriers to collaborative research and helps to train the next generation of marine professionals.


Integrated Marine Biosphere Research Project (IMBeR)

IMBeR is a large global research project which focuses on ocean sustainability in the context of global change. They strive to understand past, present, and future changes to the ocean. In particular, IMBeR wants to know how a sustainable ocean for the benefit of society can be achieved.

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Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction and Response Network (MEOPeers)

The MEOPeers are a network of MEOPAR’s highly qualified personnel.

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Early Career Ocean Frontier Institute Researchers (ECOFIRE)

ECOFIRE is a network run by and for the Ocean Frontier Institute’s undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

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Interdisciplinary Marine Early Career Network (IMECaN)

IMECaN is an international network of early career researchers working on topics related to the IMBeR Grand Challenges.

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Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Collaborative Education and Training Experiences (NSERC CREATES)

Fisheries Management and Conservation Careers in Science and Technologies (FishCAST)

The FishCAST program, based at the University of Windsor with many partner institutions, aims to train the next generation of Canadian scientists in freshwater fisheries and fish conservation while being committed to supporting equity, inclusion, and diversity in science.


Interdisciplinary marine Engineering Research and Industrial Training (iMERIT)

The iMERIT grant program brings together researchers, innovators and professionals from academia, industry, professional organizations and government agencies to carry out research and training in marine technology, to address challenges of ocean exploration and to facilitate trainees’ smooth transition from university education into an industrial career.

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Marine Geodynamics and Georesources (iMAGE)

iMAGE is a platform for training in the field of solid earth geosciences that brings together land-based geologists and marine scientists working on the structure of the Deep Earth and its contained resources – knowledge that is urgently needed to access tomorrow’s energy and raw materials.


Leadership in Environmental and Digital Innovation and Sustainability (LEADS)

The LEADS grant seeks out graduate-level students interested in developing the skills, knowledge & experience in sustainability science and digital innovation to accelerate transformations to a more sustainable & equitable global society.


Training our Future Ocean Leaders (Ocean Leaders)

Ocean Leaders is an innovative UBC program that aims to prepare the next generation of interdisciplinary marine researchers with the ability to translate technical knowledge into policy and management innovations for the oceans.

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Persistent, Emerging and Oil PoLlution in cold marine Environments (PEOPLE)

People create pollutions problems, PEOPLE help find solutions. PEOPLE is focused on leading-edge research on the emerging environmental problems caused by persistent, emerging and organic pollutants (PEOPs), as well as the cross-disciplinary education and training for the next generation of highly qualified personnel and professionals.


Pacific Rim Ocean Data Mobilization and Technology (PRODIGY)

The PRODIGY training program bridges the fields of oceanography, geophysics, computer science and statistics, harnessing new ocean observing technologies, data science and visualization tools to support ocean observation, prediction and knowledge mobilization.


Sustainable Electronics and Eco-Design (SEED)

CREATE SEED will train a new generation of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) with a value-added experience in terms of an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together: chemistry, chemical engineering, engineering physics, (eco)toxicology, electronic circuit design, hardware engineering, systems analysis, social sciences of the media, environmental economics, sustainable value chains and business models; professional skills in teamwork, communication, management, decision making and leadership.

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