Ocean Graduate Excellence Network (OGEN)
Shape the future of the ocean
Opportunity status:
Ocean Graduate Excellence Network
Open until
Open until funds are fully allocated
Expected to open fall 2024/winter 2025

The Ocean Graduate Excellence Network provides opportunities for people embarking on their advanced degrees, researchers working in cutting-edge ocean science and industry & governments looking to leverage funds and join the Canadian ocean research ecosystem.

There are no student opportunities available currently.

Student opportunities with OGEN

  • Embark on a master’s and/or PhD in ocean research through degree programs at partner universities while earning a competitive stipend.
  • Work with industry and government on some of Canada’s most important ocean related questions.
  • Combine research with practical training and hands-on learning to build competitive career skills and experience.
  • Participate in co-curricular activities to further improve job-readiness, including:
  • Indigenous cultural awareness training.
  • Internships and other partner experiences.
  • Interdisciplinary exposure and networking.
  • Seafaring opportunities.
  • Workshops, seminars, conferences, and summer schools.
  • Entrepreneurial training.
  • Professional skills training.
There are no researcher opportunities available currently.

Researcher opportunities with OGEN

  • Connect with the world’s most promising graduate students.
  • Forge new partnerships, allowing your research to have a greater impact.
  • Support collaborative training for a new generation of ocean researchers in the natural, social and applied sciences.
  • Create a rich learning environment and value-added experiences to raise the standard for best practices in research training and development of professional skills of new researchers.
  • Leverage your funds.

Industry and government opportunities

  • Join forces with the best university researchers and access top-notch academic research facilities.
  • Catalyze collaborative partnerships with industry, government, and other international ocean research institutions.
  • Expand graduate training beyond the traditional academic setting and foster student excellence through exceptional research and co-curricular training.
  • Mentor and train the talent you need for your vision of the future.
  • Leverage your funds.

Interested in partnering?

  • OGEN allows your organization to be directly involved in the supervision of a jointly developed research project and the OGEN student working on the research.
  • To facilitate this process, OGEN hosts a workshop with your organization and our network of academic researchers, with the goal of linking synergies in research areas. A call for expressions of interest would follow the workshop. Organizations jointly review and select successful projects with the Ocean Frontier Institute, after which the academic researcher and the organization move forward with student recruitment.
  • If your organization isn’t able to join as a full partner, you may be interested in providing co-curricular activities to OGEN students. This could include hosting a student for an internship or offering a professional skills development workshop.
  • To get involved, please contact us.