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Investigation and development of green processes to valorize shellfish residues for applications in aquaculture feed and biomaterials

Principal investigator:
Dr. Kelly Hawboldt
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Process Engineering
NRC Collaborator:
Zied Khiari, PhD, PEng, Research Officer, Aquatic and Crop Resource Development

Project description

Residues from shellfish processing can account for 30-70% of harvested material depending on the species. This not only represents a significant disposal cost (both economically and environmentally) but also a loss of profit in value added product. Traditional processes that could be used to extract these products are problematic due to; use of toxic chemicals as solvents, energy intensive, waste intensive, not appropriate for larger scale, and/or operationally complex. To utilize the waste completely an integrated approach must be taken, where process development is coupled to characterization and testing of products.

This project will focus on the(i) development of green processes to extract value added products from shellfish residues, specifically mussel and shrimp; (ii) characterization of products for applications; (iii) production of material for product testing to inform further process optimization and (iv) biomaterial development from solids. The overall outcome of this work will be an established process to sustainably extract value added products from mussel and shrimp processing residues.

Project requirements

  • The position requires HQP with a background undergraduate and masters in Chemical and/or Bioprocess Engineer. Ideally they will have had graduate background that includes experimental design, hands on laboratory/field experience, analysis of feedstock and process products (analytical background), and modeling of processes.
  • The HQP will also spend time at the National Research Council Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Centre as part of this collaborative project. The candidate will have excellent communication skills and ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment with personnel of different training (technical staff, science/engineering undergraduates and graduates, PDFs) and cultural backgrounds. The position requires a highly motivated candidate with strong research skills.

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