Highlights from the 10-year anniversary of the Galway Statement

July 7, 2023

A delegation from the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI) participated in this week’s 10-year anniversary of the Galway Statement.

The event was held in Galway, Ireland, where the original Galway Statement was signed in May 2013.

"This important milestone is not only about celebrating our success over the past decade," says Anya Waite, chief executive officer and scientific director. "It’s also about the future. We must continue the successful journey of ocean science diplomacy and a common path forward for ocean research cooperation in the Atlantic, from pole to pole, for the next decade."

Panel speakers at Galway 10

Our participation

Anya Waite

Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director

  • Waite participated in a virtual roundtable that explored the benefits of ocean observations and of its digitalization for the Atlantic Ocean.

Paul Snelgrove

Associate Scientific Director

  • Snelgrove delivered a presentation on ecosystem-based management
  • He also participated in a panel on Marine Protected Areas and restoration.
Paul Snelgrove speaking at Galway 10

Stephen Locke

Senior Advisor

  • Locke participated in a meeting to build a Coordination and Support Action proposal to provide financial support and coordination for the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance (AAORIA) through funding from the Horizon Europe initiative.
  • He also visited the University of Galway and the Marine Institute to explore partnership opportunities with OFI’s new Transforming Climate Action program.

Notably, both Snelgrove and Locke attended the original signing of the Galway Statement in 2013.

"I had the honour of presenting the science priorities to the original Galway delegation in 2013," says Snelgrove. "I am so amazed and pleased to see how much progress we have made together on trans-Atlantic cooperation and marine research."

About the Galway Statement

  • The Galway Statement is a cooperation agreement between Canada, the United States, and the European Union to join forces on Atlantic Ocean research, increase the knowledge of the Atlantic Ocean and build a common path for sustainable management of this shared resource.
  • This agreement has been instrumental in fostering collaborative research and cross-disciplinary efforts, revolutionizing the way we study ocean ecosystems (including the deep sea) and how we collaborate with international partners.
  • The Galway Statement was also foundational in establishing the current AAORIA, the new Political Declaration signed by the European Union, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Cabo Verde, Morocco, South Africa and the United States in Washington, DC in 2022.