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Montreal, Quebec
December 16, 2022
Exploring the challenges and opportunities to move from knowledge to action in marine and coastal ecosystems.
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
November 8, 2022
Exploring the the need to invest in ocean observation in order to achieve net zero.
Discover what's at the ocean frontier

Ocean School: Creating Immersive Educational Programs

A program of the Ocean Frontier Institute in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada, Ocean School is the leading ocean literacy educational tool in Canada. It is a free educational experience that uses powerful storytelling techniques, immersive technologies, interactive media, and an inquiry-based learning model to advance environmental awareness and ocean literacy.

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Frontier Education and experience

Shape the Future of the Ocean with the Ocean Graduate Excellence Network

Uniting excellent graduate training with industry and government, OGEN builds a unique research nexus, poised to shape the future of ocean research in Canada and beyond.

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Joint study Opportunities with parnter institutions

International Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Ocean Frontier Institute's International Postdoctoral Fellowship Program offers an opportunity for early career PhDs to conduct innovative, full time, collaborative research that is aligned with our research priorities.

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International Collaboration

Visiting International Fellowship Program

This program provides a forum for scholarly knowledge exchange and collaboration among research colleagues, with the intent of producing a research outcome that positively impacts how we use and manage the ocean.

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Our ocean leaders

Ocean Frontier Institute Ambassador Program

Ambassadors will promote and shape OFI’s future direction, engage with other leaders, and mentor young OFI researchers. They will be chosen not only for their experience and reputation, but their ability to explain research in plain language.

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