Student & Postdoctoral Travel Fund
OFI Conference Fund for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows
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Student & Postdoc Travel Fund
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About the program

A limited budget is available to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Memorial University in Newfoundland who are funded through OFI research modules and who require financial support to present papers or posters on their OFI supported research at national or international conferences.


  • Applicants must produce verification of active participation in a conference, workshop or meeting. Active participation involves presenting a paper or poster, or participating in an organized discussion or conference panel.
  • Travel funds can only be awarded once during a graduate students’ programme, or once in the case of a postdoctoral fellow’s contract.
  • Applications must be made before the travel takes place.
  • This award is intended for those students or postdoctoral fellows who do not have access to travel funds within OFI research modules and who will present OFI funded research.

Funding amounts

  • Costs up to $1,500 will be covered for full time graduate students and postdoctorals, $750 for part time, and $750 for graduate students and postdoctorals employed by Seed Funds. Applicants must indicate why other matching funds cannot be obtained and must provide realistic estimates for travel costs.

Allowable expenses

  • Allowable expenses include travel to and from the conference (lowest airfare), accommodation, registration fees, subsistence (MUN rates), and local travel expenses.

Application process

  • Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows applying to this fund should include a statement on the conference itself and its significance to their OFI research programme, the nature of their participation, and a short summary of the topic of their presentation/poster. Supervisors of these students or PDFs must indicate why other sources of funding are not available.

A reminder that OFI set aside some modest funds to support conference travel for MUN students and postdocs in those modules/consortia or Seed Funds that did not have the budget room to include in their proposal. This fund follows a rolling deadline, and requests should be directed to the OFI office at