Transforming Climate Action

One of the most intensive investigations ever undertaken into the ocean's role in climate change
Launched in 2023
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Indigenous engagement
Meaningful Indigenous engagement is instrumental to achieving our goal to identify and demonstrate ocean-based climate change solutions in a just and equitable way

Indigenous research call

Working with the Indigenous Research Advisor, Indigenous scholars (including Indigenous scholars presently engaged in TCA program development and leadership), and Indigenous communities, we will co-develop and co-launch an Indigenous research call. More information will be shared as details are confirmed.

Indigenous engagement strategy

The guiding principles for our Indigenous engagement strategy reflect our Indigenous Engagement Guide, which was co-developed by and for Indigenous communities, organizations, governments, and researchers.

Guiding principles:

  • Recognizing and respecting Indigenous territory and rights
  • Ethical principles for research
  • Indigenous protocols for research
  • Relationships and collaboration
  • Communication and feedback
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