Successful Lab2Market Oceans program driving innovation and spurring entrepreneurship

May 15, 2024

Ocean researchers from across Canada have recently benefited from a three-day course to advance their research, innovations, and ideas.

The Lab2Market Oceans / Discover program was delivered from April 29 to May 3, 2024, with participation from 36 people, including:

  • Students (69 per cent)
  • Researchers, instructors, faculty, principal investigators (25 per cent)
  • Postdoctoral researchers (6 per cent)

Funded by our Transforming Climate Action (TCA) research program, the Lab2Market Oceans / Discover course was delivered by the Ocean Startup Project in partnership with Dal Innovates.

Increasing the impact of research

The program allowed participants to explore their research ideas to create more value and impact through potential commercial or development of social enterprises.

“This world-class program is a key step in delivering new ocean research and innovation solutions to the public and private sectors,” says Eric Siegel, chief innovation officer at the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI).

“By thinking entrepreneurially about their research, participants have more tools to increase the social and commercial impact of their work."

Priority consideration was given to equity-deserving groups, totaling 67 per cent of participants, and those involved in our TCA research program.

By the numbers

Quotes from participants

Participants of the Lab2Market Oceans/ Discover program.
“Many researchers and innovators aim to translate their scientific discoveries into practical applications that can benefit society. Participating in such programs helps them navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and bring their ideas to market.”
“Entrepreneurship captivates me because it enables the application of innovative solutions directly to areas in need of urgent intervention, such as marine biodiversity. It's about pioneering ventures that not only thrive economically but also contribute significantly to the conservation and enhancement of marine life.”
“Participating in Lab2Market Oceans / Discover offers the opportunity to explore entrepreneurial thinking to advance my research. I hope to gain valuable insights into translating scientific innovations into real-world impacts, whether economic, social, or environmental.”
“I believe this program will help me refine how I translate thoughts to ideas, and ideas to real life solutions.”
“I think this program can help us take our ongoing research to the next level by exploring commercial opportunities.”
“I enjoy networking and building partnerships with communities, nonprofits, and members of industry.”

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