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Eric Siegel

Eric has worked at the intersection of ocean science, innovation, and international business for twenty years. He has held director and founder positions in global ocean technology companies leading teams in product development, business development, sales, marketing, and advanced manufacturing.  Eric has extensive experience living and working in North America, Europe, the UK, and Asia.

Eric's early ocean research focused on shelf-slope interactions of the Loop Current on the West Florida Continental Shelf and expanded into bio-physical interactions in West Coast estuaries and the Puget Sound.  Eric helped support the first ECOHAB and iron fertilization studies in Florida and developed the first profiling CTD with water bottle rosette deployed from sea planes in the Puget Sound.  He moved into industry to enable more innovative ocean observations including novel current, wave and turbulence measurements from ADCPs, with applications in renewable energy, offshore aquaculture, global ocean observing, coastal processes, and hydraulic laboratories.  He helped develop and install the first ADCPs on ocean gliders, high-performance CTDs on Argo floats and ocean gliders, and more accurate subsea navigation systems on AUVs and ROVs.  Eric developed and led several graduate student innovation programs including a decade of the Nortek Student Equipment Grants and the RBR 2020 Cohort.  

Eric serves on the UN Ocean Decade Technology & Innovation Informal Working Group, sits on the Board of Directors at Sustainable Oceans Applied Research and Sail Nova Scotia, and supports the Creative Destruction Lab Oceans stream as the Executive in Residence.  Eric is trained in physical oceanography, naval architecture and marine engineering, and earned an MBA with a focus on leadership, innovation, and global business.  When not helping ocean scientists and companies, Eric is an active sailor, having crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on his small boats, and is now racing Bluenose Class Sloops with his family in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Eric Siegel