Phase IV

A Programmable and Efficient Underwater Internet of Things (uiOt) to Measure Ocean Dynamics

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About the research project

Dr. Israat Haque (Dalhousie University) and Dr. Stefano Basagni (Northeastern University) are collaborating across borders to make underwater measurements and data collection easier and more reliable.

Using an Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) architecture, the team is using real-world observations to improve common computer software that researchers use to test their ideas in a simulated environment. “The goal is to use an acoustic sensor network in the real ocean environment, and then import the learned behaviour and performance into a simulator to make tests more realistic,” said Dr. Haque.

Equally as important as collecting ocean data is ensuring they travel to the people who need them, also known as “routing” – the other aspect of Dr. Haque’s project. “We can think of this like a highway,” said Dr. Haque. “Once the data are collected, they need travel over a network to a collection point so that they can be received and analyzed. But what is the right approach? We look at the different routes and try to make sure the data travel to researchers and decision-makers reliably.”

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some challenges, the team is on track to wrap-up their project this summer.