One Ocean Health

Researchers on the One Ocean Health project will work to understand the connection between ocean health, marine animal health, and human health. The team has been recognized as international leaders in research on the health ocean-sourced food (such as salmon and lobster), which is under threat from global climate change.

Project details

Principal Investigator(s):
Mark Fast, Stefanie Colombo
Principal Investigator:
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Research Outcomes

About the research project

About the research

The team will look at:  

  • Environmental impacts on our ability to grow ocean-sourced food
  • How pathogens spread in a changing ocean environment
  • Antimicrobial usage in ocean food farming

As part of this project, researchers will develop a better understanding of climate change risks to ocean and animal health, develop new ways to monitor waste and pathogens, share their findings with fish harvesters and farmers, to ensure prudent antimicrobial use and create an equitable training program to promote the sustainable use of ocean resources in the future.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Mark Fast (University of Prince Edward Island)

Dr. Stefanie Colombo (Dalhousie University)


  • One Ocean Health
  • University of Prince Edward Island - AVC
  • Dalhousie University
  • Memorial University
  • AquaBounty Ltd.
  • Prince William Sound Science Center
  • Long Island University
  • Elanco Animal Health Canada
  • SymbioSeas
  • Fishermen and Scientists Research Society
  • Atlantic AquaFarms
  • Pond Technology
  • Cooke Aquaculture Incorporated
  • Mowi Canada