World Ocean Day: historic investments underway

June 8, 2023

With more than $400 million in funding announced recently for ocean research and education at Dalhousie University, there is a lot of historic news to talk about on this World Ocean Day.

Our Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director, Anya Waite, sat down with Eilish Bonang from Global News to discuss these recent investments.

Transforming Climate Action

The Transforming Climate Action research program will be the most intensive research ever undertaken to explore the ocean's role in climate change.  

“The point of this is to invest in ocean research but invest in a way that really brings value to society,” said Anya Waite, Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director of the Ocean Frontier Institute.

“This isn’t your typical research grant... The critical thing is that we want to develop commercialization opportunities and innovation for Atlantic Canada and eastern Canada more generally, and we also want to deliver policy outcomes for Canada. So, it is really about delivering to society.”  

With $154 million from the Canada First Research Excellence Grant and more than $200 million in other support, this is the largest research grant in Dalhousie's history.

Beaty Centre

The Beaty Centre for Marine Biodiversity, set to open at Dalhousie University in 2025, is a first-of-its-kind interactive ocean and science discovery centre that will offer exceptional educational and research experiences for both the Dalhousie community and beyond.  

“For many years, Dalhousie has been the centre for ocean research. Everyone knows that,” says Waite. “But has the public been able to see what we do? It is perfect time to champion the excellent work that has been done at Dalhousie, and to give the public a view of it... to show the types of exciting work, and to highlight the biodiversity in the ocean off Nova Scotia.”

The Centre is being developed thanks to the incredible generosity of an $8.2-million gift courtesy of entrepreneur and conservationist Mr. Ross Beaty and his family.