Summer at Sea

Summer at Sea - Introducing Molly

Port of call: Valparaíso, Chile. Image Credit: Molly Wells
June 1, 2022

Summer at Sea

As part of the 2022 Summer at Sea opportunity, Dalhousie student Molly Wells will be setting sail for 16 weeks to learn more about ocean sustainability during the Pacific stretch of the One Ocean Expedition. OFI has sponsored Molly and Memorial student Alannah DeJong to study aboard a tall ship, through a unique interdisciplinary course offered through the University of Bergen. Keep reading to learn about Molly and check back for a recap of the voyage in fall 2022!

Introducing Molly

Dalhousie student Molly Wells. Image Credit: Molly Wells

Hi there, my name is Molly Wells, and I am the Dalhousie University student going on the One Ocean Expedition this summer – nice to meet you! I moved to Halifax from Penticton, B.C. four years ago, and now I’m my final year of my BSc Honours in Marine Biology.


My love for the ocean started on Savary Island, B.C. Every summer, I spent my days wandering the low tide flats, looking for crabs and sea anemones to bring home and stare at in my aquarium. The sea captured my imagination. I would spend hours poring over guidebooks to learn everything I could about the marine life I would find – and then I would paint them. For me, art and science were both tools to better understand my world, and in that world the water was its center.

Crabs of Savary Island. Image Credit: Molly Wells

I applied for the One Ocean Expedition because the ocean I love is in trouble, and I believe the path to a sustainable future is through interdisciplinary collaboration. I myself am an interdisciplinary person – I enjoy not only science, but also art, music, history, sports, and everything else that makes me human. I am more than just a scientist, and the ocean’s future is more than a science problem. We need all hands on deck to overcome the coming decades, but I am optimistic that efforts of organizations such as OFI will let people enjoy the ocean like I have for generations to come.

I am excited to learn about planetary sustainability in a dynamic and diverse learning setting, and to get to know the other 89 students on board. Between 12 countries and 35 programs of study, I can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories and perspectives! I have to admit, I am a bit nervous about packing – there is limited storage on board, and we will be responsible for on-deck duties such as manning the helm and fire watch. Hopefully whatever I bring will serve me well for the whole four months!

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