Julie Pullen joins Ocean Frontier Institute’s advisory committee

November 20, 2023

The Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI) is thrilled to announce the newest member of its Excellence, Impact and Engagement Committee (EIEC), Dr. Julie Pullen.

Dr. Pullen’s career has included many diverse leadership roles in academia, non-profit, government, private sector, and scientific societies. She is a climate scientist with a strong focus on ocean-atmosphere interactions. Utilizing her remarkable scientific background, Dr. Pullen invests in climate tech startups with Propeller Ventures and advises the financial sector on climate risk.

“I've been so impressed with the substantial nature of OFI's core projects that maintain a vital focus on climate and oceans,” says Dr. Pullen. “I really hope to help bring awareness to the wider finance world who deserve to hear about the important initiatives at OFI.”

Dr. Pullen joins the committee of world-class leaders in the ocean sector to provide strategic guidance on how OFI’s programs can have real global impact, including OFI’s two research programs funded by the Canada First Research Excellence committee and the North Atlantic Carbon Observatory (NACO).

“We are in a time that requires investment in carbon observing and OFI has made the case on an international stage for why it matters,” says Dr. Pullen “Their science is top notch and I want to see this project (NACO) succeed to the benefit of the planet.”

OFI’s Excellence, Impact and Engagement Committee is vital to aligning OFI ocean research with its core goals and values.

It is comprised of leaders from various OFI partner and stakeholder groups to provide strategic guidance on OFI-administered and managed research programs.

Dr. Pullen is a key addition to the committee’s incredible world-class team of international leaders in the ocean sector, from industry, government, and science.