Dr. Joanna Mills Flemming receives impact award from the Statistical Society of Canada

Dr. Joanna Mills Flemming, recipient of the 2024 Award for Impact of Applied and Collaborative Work
June 27, 2024

Dr. Joanna Mills Flemming, a professor of mathematics and statistics at Dalhousie University, recently received the Statistical Society of Canada’s 2024 Award for Impact of Applied and Collaborative Work. She was selected for the award based on “…her pioneering work on state-space modelling in marine ecology and fisheries science, for her efforts to foster collaborations between statisticians and marine scientists in Canada and globally, and for her leadership in the statistical ecology community.”

“I’m honoured to receive this award and grateful to Dalhousie University, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Ocean Tracking Network, and the Ocean Frontier Institute for supporting my research and providing opportunities to collaborate,”

says Dr. Mills Flemming.

With her expertise in statistical methodologies and tools, Dr. Mills Flemming has made important contributions to marine conservation and management, with a particular focus on modelling complex ecological data, fisheries and biological data, and marine animal movement.

Dr. Mills Flemming is a collaborating researcher on several OFI projects, including Future-proofing Marine Protected Area Networks, which helps to understand and model ocean changes relevant to MPAs, and Sustainable capture fisheries and their ecosystems, a project that supports sustainable fisheries goals in Canada by providing assessments of specific cold-water fish stocks and their ecosystems.